Saturday, 18 October 2014

I'm Back - Better Late Than Never!

Well, this is a belated post - isn't it? After starting sixth form at the start of September, I've been showered with deadlines and due dates I haven't had time to put my school work down. However, instead of sitting on the sofa stuffing my face with unhealthy food watching X-Factor on a Saturday night, I thought I should probably update this blog. 

Because of school my fundraising has slowed down a little just while I get into the swing of A-Levels. But in September I managed to raise £188.10 bringing my total to £1645.20. This £188.10 was made up from £125 wages, £60 in donations and £3.10 misc.

I'm still planning my main winter events which is exciting. I'm running a talent show at school alongside some fellow expeditionees which will hopefully be a success and take place sometime in Jan/Feb 2015. Then I am planning my own events to run over the winter months. I'm hoping to run a Borneo Bingo night and then a Coffee Morning sometime soon. 

With it currently being mid-way through October, I've raised an additional £89.61 bringing my running total to £1734.81. Football season is back and therefore I'm running my tuck-shop again; in the first week I raised £32.95 from selling sweets and drinks under this rather fancy pagoda that conveniently appeared on the field where my brother plays his footie matches - result! We also saw the return of Barney & Poppy, the two cats who I have looked after multiple times now and got paid £25 for letting them out of the house and feeding them for a few days. 

I'm also giving a special mention to Anicka and Salma who both emailed me unsure about whether to partake in a Camps International expedition as they were put off by the fundraising and were unsure how and where to start. Hopefully, you guys are really thinking about taking part as it's definitely worth it and I hope my email motivated you in some way! 

Good luck to anyone who is fundraising at the moment and remember I'm just an email or a comment away if you want anyone to talk to about the expedition/fundraising - just click the 'Contact Me' tab at the top of this page. As well as me, don't forget there is both Sophie and Rachael at Camps International HQ who will be happy to talk to you regardless.

Happy fundraising!

....hopefully there won't be such a long delay for my next post.

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