Saturday, 27 December 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

Erm, well, I kind of forgot the log-in details for this blog page. Nevertheless, here I am more than 2 months later at the end of the year filling you in with how my fundraising has gone. 


By the end of October my running total was £1894.32. Most of my money that month was made up of pet-sitting and my wages from work - that's as exciting as it gets my friends!


At the end of November my total stood at £2146.97 (where these random endings come from I have no idea!) This month I made £67.40 selling bits and bobs at local school fates (the one I did was a firework night), I made another £40.25 selling teas, sweets and biscuits at my brothers football matches every Sunday which is a great money earner! Then I also had £15 worth of donations and £130 wages from work. 


Now we get to this month, December has been such a booster month for me and I'm so lucky! I have my birthday in December and a majority of my birthday money went to my fund - £210 to be exact. I then ran a stall at my local schools Christmas fayre (I know, I forget to take pictures of these things...) and I raised £55.45 by offering an array of games and activities such as icing digestive biscuits - because who didn't love doing that as a child eh? 

I then made £51.00 selling items again mum managed to get hold of lots of lovely items for us to sell including Yankee Candles, Body Shop products and Soap & Glory products. 

Christmas was also a huge help this month as I received £300 from family and friends which I'm so grateful for - holding myself back from spending that in Urban Outfitters was INCREDIBLY hard but I fought and held myself back. 

I am still awaiting my wages for this month (I get paid on the last day of the month) and hopefully that will be around £100 raising me to ~£2,900 so fingers crossed. 

I am hugely grateful to all of my friends and family and just so you know, I didn't get presents as well as the money - I specifically asked for money instead of presents this year so I could get this paid off a bit quicker!

We also know that from now on my New Year's resolution is to take photos when I'm fundraising! After all, this is the whole reason I started this blog! What a lemon..

Anyway enough of my rambling, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! 


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