Sunday, 18 May 2014

Fundraising: Car Boot 18/05/14

This car boot has been my main little fundraiser this month as I'm currently doing all of my GCSE exams - however, they will all be over soon and any money I can make in the mean time is beneficial to me! On mine and my Mum's stall we sold an array of different things that we either didn't want anymore, or old clothes that didn't fit us. We woke up at 5am and packed the car full to the brim with our items and set up pitch for 8am.

The place was packed out with people as soon as we arrived, we unloaded the car and laid out all of our items. A couple of hours later, maybe 5 or so, we had sold a majority of our things so decided we would make a move.

Overall we made about £85, but only £31.75 of it was mine to put towards my fundraising. I was pretty impressed with myself though as we only sold things around 50p to £1.50 and this was only supposed to be an 'on-the-side' fundraising event and making the most of this lovely weather!

Now, I am inside revising physics, for my exam tomorrow, with a throbbing headache!



Friday, 16 May 2014

My T-Shirt Came!

It's been a little while since I have blogged on here but slowly I'm making my through my GCSEs (7 down, 5 to go!) . However, the lovely Leanne from the opperations team visited our school on Wednesday to give us an informative fundraising meeting about planning our different events. Plus, we got hold of our t-shirts which I was overly excited about! 

I also finished my 'Camps International' bracelet which took me ages but looks so good now it's complete! 

I'm so happy that I've almost finished school and can have 12 weeks of intense fundraising and relaxing! August the 6th (I think it's then) I am doing a sponsored trek with a fellow fundraiser, Louis, which we are currently looking forward to completing (I hope the weather holds off!) 

Now, this is only a quick post as I will do a post tomorrow as I am doing a carboot sale! 

Chloe x

Saturday, 3 May 2014

How To: Friendship Bracelets

It's May now and if you're like me, you'll be about to sit your GCSE/A-Level exams and have only short periods of time between your revision to plan your fundraising. In between my breaks of revision I usually make a couple of these bracelets to sell at different events: car boots, summer fetes or to friends and family.

To make them you will need:

- Scissors
- Coloured Embroidery Floss (Here's where I got mine: Argos)
- Bulldog clips
- A book/clipboard to secure your string to 

First you'll need to learn the knots:

Forward / Backward / Backward-Forward / Forward-Backward

Step 1. Choose 3 colours and measure 60 inches of each thread. Then fold them in half and tie them into a knot to form a loop. 

Step 2. Secure them to your board and separate the colours from the outside to the middle.

Step 3. Create a forward knot (4 knot)using the pink string over the green string, then the cream one, until you reach the middle.

Step 4. Then using the pink string you haven't used yet (the one on the right) create a backward knot (P/D knot) over the green string and then the cream one - until you reach the middle.

Step 5. Once you've reached the middle knot the two pink strings together using either a forward or backward knot. I prefer to use a forward one - you have now completed one row.

Step 6. Repeat the steps using the outside colours until you find a chevron pattern forming. Keep repeating until the braid will comfortably fit around your wrist. You may take it off of the clip to see how much longer you have to knot.

Step 7. When it comes to the end of the bracelet, braid three off the strands in a regular braid, tie a knot so it doesn't come undone, and then trim the left over string. You now have a chevron patterned bracelet.

Once you've mastered all the knots you may want to try out the following patterns (click the captions for video tutorials *not my videos)

Alternating Leaves
Chinese Staircase

For other patterned bracelets, visit
Let your creativity be part of your fundraising!

Good luck!