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If you are interested in contacting me: whether you want to sponsor me, send me something or have a question you would like to ask me about my expedition, please feel free to drop me a message on:


Twitter: @ChloeLouiseSpen

Instagram: chloe_spencer


  1. Hi, I am going to Borneo in 2015 as well and I love your website. I am in the midst of making my own but I cant find any buttons to enable people to 'Donate' or the 'how far I have got left to go' thing like you have, please could you let me know how you have done yours and if its the website you are using could you let me know what website you used to make it. Thanks x

    1. Hello Chloe, that's great! Good luck on your fundraising journey! Yes, all I did was type in 'fundraising thermometer widget' and clicked the one from '' and followed the instructions on there. As for the donate button, all you need to do is set it up through 'PayPal Donate Button' which you can search in Google for!

      Good luck,

      Chloé x

  2. Hiya, I am going to Borneo next summer as well, and have been considering setting up a website or blog however I love your blog and was just wondering; do you think a website is easier to update and set up or a blog? I hope your fundraising is successful so far!
    Thank You
    Chloé X

    1. Hi Chloé! Sorry that I've only just seen this - thank you so much! Erm, it all depends really, you kind of do the same thing on either. A blog is probably a bit more work as it needs updating more often but it depends on how much time you want to spend designing it etc.

      Hope this kind of helps,

      Chloe x