Friday, 3 July 2015

7 Months Down The Line

Wow, I'm so brilliant at updating this blog but so much has happened over the last 7 months I've hardly had time to breathe! I bought my first car, got a new job, passed my driving test, fundraised all my money for Borneo, sat my A-Level exams annnnd grew a little taller (just kidding, I'm still the same old same old!)

I have been so lucky and so supported by my family and friends to fundraise all of my money to allow me to fly out to Borneo in just under 10 days EEEEEKKK! 

Here is a brief summary on what I've been doing since my last post which was ages ago (sorrrrry): 

February was a good earner for me as I held and presented a talent show at my school. We had such as successful evening and so many different acts - we even roped the teachers in as judges! In the end we earned about 200 pounds in one night! Not bad going if you ask me as that was purely from ticket sales! We also allowed other Borneo-goers who were fundraising if they wanted to run a raffle and refreshments separately and they could keep there money from that!

Later on in February I also bagged myself a new job at Sainsbury's! I really enjoy wokring there and a majority of my wages from this went towards my trip. However, it also towards my first set of wheels as I also kept my waitressing Saturday job to see me through my fundraising!

The inner Mary Berry was still there and my baking still contributed to "shine" through - well, no-one's been poisoned so far! :) :) :) 

Pet sitting business also continued and I looked after a few people's pets whilst they went away - including this little handsome fella! Pet sitting is a great and easy way to earn some money for your trip especially if they live on your street which mine did! If you want to try it create some flyers and advertise and get friends and family to spread word about!

Anyway, even though there has been BIG delay in this post I'm going to continue posting now I have loads of time on my hands! I'm going to blog about finding kit, equipment and medical items at the cheapest price, dealing with packing your bags (I've got some great space-saving tips!), dealing with the flights, and of course include lots of details and information of my trip when I'm back!

In the meantime, take care fellow trippers!