Sunday, 18 May 2014

Fundraising: Car Boot 18/05/14

This car boot has been my main little fundraiser this month as I'm currently doing all of my GCSE exams - however, they will all be over soon and any money I can make in the mean time is beneficial to me! On mine and my Mum's stall we sold an array of different things that we either didn't want anymore, or old clothes that didn't fit us. We woke up at 5am and packed the car full to the brim with our items and set up pitch for 8am.

The place was packed out with people as soon as we arrived, we unloaded the car and laid out all of our items. A couple of hours later, maybe 5 or so, we had sold a majority of our things so decided we would make a move.

Overall we made about £85, but only £31.75 of it was mine to put towards my fundraising. I was pretty impressed with myself though as we only sold things around 50p to £1.50 and this was only supposed to be an 'on-the-side' fundraising event and making the most of this lovely weather!

Now, I am inside revising physics, for my exam tomorrow, with a throbbing headache!



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