Friday, 5 September 2014

What I've Been Up To: The Rest of August

With August now ended and the summer holidays over, it has been the end of a bumper month for me. During the month of August I managed to raise £826.25 in total doing lots of various things including my sponsored trek. My sponsored trek was were a majority of the money came from raising £344.

However, after my sponsored walk I did a few extra things to earn some more money during my time off before returning to school and starting sixth form. I posted several flyers around my local streets informing people of the trip I'm doing and told them how I'm raising money to get there. Through delivering about 100 leaflets, some of my neighbours asked me if I would look after their pets, plants and houses whilst they go anyway on their holidays. By looking after peoples pets, gardens and houses I managed to raise £180.

August 21st a.k.a Results Day, saw some benefits too! As well as earning 2 As, 5 Bs and a C, I was rewarded with £60 towards my trip by my mum.

I also received my August wages, after keeping a little for myself, I was left with £90 to add to my expedition fund. Mum also ran a carboot for me as I was unavailable to go and raised me £63.25 which I was very grateful for!

Finally, I had £15.00 donated to my expedition, baked an 18th birthday cake for £34.00 and I am also currently in the process of painting some fences for one of my mums friends and she has paid be £40.00 for the work I have done so far!


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