Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Going Green-fingered

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Over the course of both yesterday and today I've been going all green fingered in a hope to raise some money towards my expedition. My great-grandma had some weeding that she wanted doing as she is now to frail to do it her self. I popped round yesterday and was there for just over an hour, hoeing the soil and pulling out the weeds, eventually ending up with a horrid blister on my thumb (..and I am the worst when it comes to blisters ewwwwgh!)

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Today however, I took out my paint-brush and spent about 6 hours painting an array of fence panels. I can't say that painting is my favourite thing to do (it really is as exciting as watching paint dry - literally.) but I'm going to end up doing things I wouldn't do out of choice if I want to make the full cost of the expedition! Luckily, mum was on hand to help me out and we pushed through it together. Otherwise I would have been there for ages! Thanks mum!

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If you have grandparents unable to get out on their gardens, take care of it for them or if friends/family don't like to do labouruss garden work ask if they would like you to do it for them instead in return for a donation! I earned £46 doing it, so it's definitely worth it even if you do encounter some blisters and aching arms - you know what they say 'no pain, no gain!' 



  1. Lovely idea!
    Becky x

    1. Haha! Thank you! Are you going on a trip? :-)

      Chloe x