Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Easter Holidays - April Fundraising

Now that the Easter holidays are upon us, it's the perfect opportunity to get some more fundraising on the go. Easter Sunday we are going to do our first boot sale, we have loads of 'nick nacks' and old games to sell and lots of my friendship bracelets. 

Thursday evening I also baked cakes for a pre-school fayre which I was paid £10 for, for just making 24 individual fairy cakes!

I will also be doing another tuck shop on Wednesday at my brothers football game which last time raised £50 selling chocolate, sweets, teas & coffees. 

Also, I'm currently pet sitting a hamster called Steve (isn't it cute) for a family who have gone on holiday, out of the country, for a week. 

I also got in touch with the local Brownie group who will hopefully be willing to help me out with my fundraising! Fingers crossed! 



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