Sunday, 23 March 2014

Fundraising Idea - Friendship Bracelets

Now that I have handed in my deposit for my expedition to Borneo it's time to start fundraising! I've been reading other people's blogs and one thing I can do is make and sell friendship bracelets. Believe it or not I actually did this last year to make money for myself. I would take orders from my friends and bring them in the next day or so in a little brown envelope. (I think my teachers thought I was drug-dealing in the corridors! Ooops!) Over the month I managed to bank up myself £80 which was quite good for someone like me!

So, I have took full advantage of my bracelet making skills and taken it up again. Eventually, when I have a enough I will sell them to friends, family and on stalls at craft fares, summer fetes and boot sales. If anyone would like to know how to make bracelets like these to sell towards your expedition, please leave a comment and I will enlighten you! 

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